Crimson Seduction-  Vampire vigilante that only feeds on the blood of humans that have done something wrong to harm others such as murderers, rapists, drug addicts, etc.  Arrianna becomes interested in Chaz Travis, a guitar player at a local night club.  one nignt, Chaz is leaving the club after a show and is mugged.  During the mugging, Chaz is Shot and on the verge of death.  Arrianna decides to turn him so that he can "live".

A Story in the Making-  This is the sequel to The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere that features a new main character, Carla Silvers, a novelist that worked for Michelle in Book one.  There is a new member of the Vandivere family that wishes to carry on the legacy of Charles Vandivere.

Seal Evil- this is a fantasy book featuring four adults with special talents that range from psychic abilities to having the ability to produce ice from their hands.  when a psychotic Satanist begins the process of sacrificing nine people to open the nine gates of hell, and unleash Satan, these four individuals are given the task of preventing the completion of the ritual.

 The Legend of Billy Blythe- Six college students venture out into the woods of Forthworth, Kentucky to investigate the legend of Billy Blythe.  According to legend, his restless spirit still roams the woods killing anyone that steps food there.  Now the question remains, will the students unlock the mystery, or will they become his latest victims?

Lethal Literature-  When a string of unexplained deaths reek havoc on the small town of Adairsville, Georgia, psychic detective Ashley Torres must get to the bottom of this mystery.  Little does she know that the culprit is a long lost class mate of the victims that has mastered more than the art of literature, she can also make words deadly.

Cursed By Murder- When a man wakes from a mysterious comatose sleep, he discovers that he is right in the middle of a vicious murder scene.  With a string of murders reeking havoc on New York City, John begins to think that he may be the serial killer that everyone fears.

Rise of the Titanic-  100 years after the Titanic sank into the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, it will rise.  However, it wasn't some clever procedure created by a group of scientist that enabled the ship's return.  Instead, it is the restless souls of the vicitms of the tragic event determined to tell the world what really happened, and who was responsible.  ( This is a work of fiction created in the mind of the author.  any names, scenarios, businesses, ect. that are used are done so in a strictly fictional reference.)               

They Call Her The Tooth Fairy- a serial killer plagues the streets of Ball Ground Georgia, causing an outbreak of fear and torment on all who reside within the city limits.  The Serial killer is a woman and her trophy is one tooth from each of her victims.  

Short But Not So Sweet (A series of short stories)

Supernatural Purpose Birth of the Sacrifice

Supernatural Purpose Ascention Of The Shadows

Vampire Night Deception in the Flow

Listed at Duotrope's Digest

 Achievement By Possession- when karen fortenberry falls in love with aspiring writer Tony Carter, she doesn't realize that she may be more of an inspiration to his talent than she thinks when she becomes his primary tool in a ritual that will make all of his goals happen. 

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