The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere (Exerts)

March 1, 2010

The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere
She sits there with her salvation in the palm of her hand, with
only one chance for redemption in the chamber. She was unsure
of how she could go on. So much had happened in only a few short
months of her life. She had endured more torture than anyone
could endure in a lifetime. All of the pain, and emotional trauma had
taken its toll on her. She was physically and mentally drained. She
just wanted this to be over. She wanted these events of her life to
cease, and if it required a life then so be it. She felt as though her
soul had died, and her body ached and begged to join it.
An eternity in hell would be more appeasing than one more
second in the life she was now living. She was drained, exhausted,
and felt indescribably lost. She thought back to a time in her life
when it was simple, when she was simple. She was a small town
girl with small town dreams. Normal. She once was normal. Now,
she was cursed to a life of solitude, with only her own company to
keep. It would be better to be dead. She felt dead already. Her
head pounded with pain. She barely had the strength to think. She
was so weak.
What was she waiting for? She wondered why she was wasting
time reminiscing. Perhaps she was searching herself for a reason to
change her mind. She could not find a logical one. It had to be done.
She had no other choice. She had to rid herself of the curse that was
her birthright. She had to find an end to the torture that plagued her,
and all of the people she loved. They too had been through enough.
They too had suffered. This had to end. She had to rid the world of this
terror. A person that carried such a plague should not live.
The time had come. She had to finish what she started. She knew
that it would not end unless she stopped her procrastination. She
looked at her left hand. There it lay. The shinning metal in her hand was
the freedom she longed for. Inside the revolver was her one chance
at salvation. She grasped the revolver tightly. She placed her index
finger on the trigger, and closed her eyes. She had to find the courage
to pull it. She inhaled a deep empowering breath. Without exhaling, she
squeezed the trigger.

The Well Prologue

January 14, 2010

if you drive out into the back woods where bartow county and floyd county meet, you will find a road by the name of wayside.  if you turn left, you will travel the county line until you leave bartow county completely.  granted, there are roads that will lead you back to the heart of Kingston, ga.  however, if you turn right on wayside road, it will lead you deep into the woods.  the road will take you so deep into the woods that cell phone reception is hopeless and non-existent. ...

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The Well synopsis

January 14, 2010
the following is the synopsis for my new novel that i am working on.  i hope you enjoy it.

The Well

                          the legend says that long ago
                          back in the past 
                          in the days of old
                          a village lay in the clearing there

                          the people heard whispers in the wind
                          they talked to the steams
                          they even had spirits 

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The Well Chapter one

January 14, 2010
chapter one

september 15,1776
       the harvest was completed today.  father said that this one was the worst that out village has seen in years since we first arrived in georgia.  most of our corn was destroyed with the powerful spinning wind came through last month, and the ice that fell from the sky killed nearly all of our wheat.  it will definately be a difficult winter this year.  however, we have faith that gthe land, and out goddess that rules the land will provide for us like always....

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About Me

Ava Sprayberry Shook Hello, and welcome to just to let you know a little bit about me, i am a 25 year old married mother of three from adairsville, ga. although, i haven't lived in adairsville all of my life. i was raised in kingston ga about ten miles away from adairsville for the first eleven years of my life. i am the daughter of wanda worthington bonner and billy joe sprayberry. i am a criminal justice major at georgia northwestern technical college in calhoun ga. after i graduate, i plan to attend law school. i love writing and telling stories. publishing a book was one of my goals that i set for myself at the age of fourteen. i love to read and sing as well as write a good story.


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