Adairsville Resident Becomes Published Author

Uses Bartow, Floyd, and Gordon Counties in everything she writes!!!!

The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere


Ava Sprayberry Shook was raised in Kingston, Georgia for the first eleven years of her life. She then moved to Adairsville to live with her Mother and Step-father. Living only two and a half miles from the historically relevant Barnsley Gardens, she became fascinated with the history that her local area possessed.

As a freshman at Cass High School in 1998, a wise English/ Literature teacher assisted Ava in realizing her full potential as a prospective writer. She became motivated to follow in the footsteps of her favorite author, Stephen King. She planned attend the University of Maine in Orono, to persue a degree in English, Creative writing, and Gothic Fiction.

Fate had other plans in mind. When she was only sixteen, she met and fell in love with James Shook of White, Georgia. They married in June of 2001, and have been happily married for nearly nine years. During that time, they had three beautiful children.

Ava began writing The Story of Michelle Brown Vandivere in 2005. After four years and three attempts, she finally completed the novel that has allowed her to accomplish her goal of becoming a published author, dedicated to “ Putting Bartow County in the spotlight, one copy at a time.”

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Special thanks to all of those special people that helped me in so many ways along this journey.  God bless you. 

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